The Ultimate Detox

The greatest wealth is health


Although fasting may suggest going without, the Buchinger Method uses fresh juices, herb teas, clear vegetable soup and buttermilk. As your body adjusts to this gentle way of healing and detoxification, positive changes begin immediately. Creating a natural balance of nutrients supports your complete system and aids the release of toxins. Detox stimulates the body´s own self-healing abilities and strengthens the immune system.


What we can gain through fasting


  • Fasting is the quickest, easiest and safest method of losing extra weight, but is not the most important thing.
  • Through fasting, we can learn to enjoy eating moderately and to avoid the excesses of overconsumption, so typical of our area.
  • Fasting maintains physical and mental fitness, especially during menopause for women an men around 40.
  • Fasting cannot stop the ageing process, but it helps to prevent premature ageing and you get a better skin.
  • Fasting in a guided group is the most effective way to get new power, quality of life and clearness. Dr. Buchinger called it the "royal road to health" in many ways and you get also a new feeling for time.



A typical day´s programme


  6:30                     Waking up gently with ...

  7:30                     Morning walk

  9:00                     Tea and buttermilk

10:00                     Guided Walking - we walk for about 1.5 hours

12:00                     Fruit / vegetable juice and tea


After the lunch it is recommended that you rest and take a liver compress


15:00                     Different kinds of guided sport activities, yoga or meditation

18:00                     Clear vegetable soup or porridge

19:00                     Lectures, relaxation


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